Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Router Track Adaptor

Tuesday 23 February 2016

The TRTA001 Router Track Adaptor fits any of the Triton routers to the precision guide tracks used with the Triton Plunge Track Saw 1400W. It's a very simple way to create laser straight rebate or dado cuts where a regular fence attachment or even a router table would struggle - across the middle of a large sheet or fixed surface, for example.

A robust, chrome-plated, low-friction baseplate and guiderails provide a sturdy and precise alignment to the track, combined with the quick-fastening mechanism ensuring minimal time and complexity in fixing the router to the track rail. The Router Track Adaptor features two-part micro and macro adjustability, allowing for precise router location on the workpiece. The locking mechanism ensures complete rigidity of the component during use.

While designed specifically for the Triton guide track system – as used with the TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw 1400W – the adaptor is 100% compatible with Festool and Makita track rails. Triton routers include the JOF001 Compact Precision Plunge Router 1010W, the MOF001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 1400W and the TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 2,400W.


Contact: Triton Tools

Price: £45.98