From the Forum - Chosen by the Members - paolo59

Friday 29 January 2016

Welcome to our new regular feature

In order to add a new area of interest to the forums and to encourage interaction between the different forum sections, the forum members are introducing this 'Members' Choice' thread to act as a showcase for a piece of work chosen by a member each week as their 'piece of the week'.

This week's members' choice is 'Narcissus' by paolo59, which was chosen by CHJ. Here's what CHJ had to say about the piece: "Bit of a soul search for this one. I'm impressed with the clean, sharp details of the 'Stempel Farbe Band Bowl' by Jason, very much up to the standard expected from this stable, then there was the visual impact of the 'Ash Vase' by Pete in Welland. Must say that piece held my attention for some time. At the end of the day I once again came down in favour of a woodcarving. The 'Narcissus' by paolo59, not solely because of the presentation and composition, but the tenacity shown by Paolo to complete the depth of undercut and detail in media such as beech."

Congratulations again to paolo59 and we will bring you another chosen piece next week. In the meantime, you can find out more about the piece by clicking here.