On Sale Today - Issue 8 of Woodworking Crafts

Thursday 26 November 2015


In issue 8 of Woodworking Crafts, in 'Power woodworking' the Editor makes a side cupboard; Simon Rodway makes a toy box; Louise Biggs makes an elegant memory box; Neil Lawton finishes his wood storage shed; the Editor looks at sharpening router bits; Gary MacKay makes scrapwood snowflakes; James Hatter looks at plastic protection and Simon Rodway continues to build a staircase in Woodworking Geometry.

In our 'Hand woodworking' Lee Stoffer makes some rustic reindeer; Michael T Collins looks at making a bench mallet; Peter Sefton tells us about his students first woodworking projects; Margaret Williams makes a house sign from a table top and the Editor makes a chopping board.

Finally, we have lot's for you to enjoy in our 'Community' pages, including; the latest news and events; we have our 'Q&A' page; we share with you some hints, tips and jigs; in a new group review, we focus on Sharp Edge Precision Sharpening System; we have Kit and Tools page, a sneak peek at our next issue; and Gary Marshall's Woodland Ways, a look at the Pioneer Sailing Trust and some great book offers.

All this and more in issue 8 of Woodworking Crafts so be sure to get yourself a copy, or why not subscribe and save up to 30%? You can also download a copy to you digital device. Click here to find out more.