Book Reviews - Campaign Furniture

Friday 4 September 2015

Campaign Furniture was a holiday read for me. Most of the time I crash my way through woodworking reading material on one mode of transport or another. However, this one was devoured almost exclusively from beneath the shade of an umbrella strategically placed poolside. Too much information or happy coincidence? Most certainly the latter. In this book you'll discover the origins of this most practical and sensible genre of furniture, where mobility, utility and purpose were paramount, in perfect harmony.

Form plus function results in a powerful visual concept and that's exactly where we find campaign furniture today. That's the design ethos in a nutshell but there's plenty to back this up in the book as Schwarz considers the origins of the style in context. I'm not going to give too much away because I think you'll enjoy finding out for yourself and perhaps even find inspiration for your own projects. You'll be in good company if you do because as the author suggests, campaign furniture is arguably the missing link between Edwardian conformity and 20th-century modernity. On a practical scale, Schwarz has recreated projects in various levels of complexity that you can follow to build your own campaign pieces. The construction techniques are mainly rectilinear joinery with an eye for good cabinetmaking skills. The methods are tried and tested and are good to have under your belt. As a style of furniture to build it has all the wisdom of Shaker and arts & crafts practitioners with a slight touch of bling perhaps. So if you've built your Roubo bench and Anarchist's Tool Chest, you're going to be desperate to start making furniture. Look no further for inspiration; it's all in there.



Price: £26.50