Book Reviews - Alec Miller - Carver Guildsman Sculptor

Friday 21 August 2015

Alec Miller - 1879-1961 - who started life as one of a poor family living in a small tenement in Glasgow, served an apprenticeship in a small woodcarving studio and became a skilled journeyman decorative woodcarver. He then moved to Chipping Campden to work with CR Ashbee and the Guild of Handicraft for six years. When the Guild closed he continued to run the carving workshop as an independent business until 1939 when he emigrated to the USA, living and working in California until his death on a final visit to England. During his years with the Guild he began to carve both decorative and figurative work for churches, and also work in stone. All his work in both wood and stone was made by direct carving. As work for churches declined during and after World War I he made over 70 War Memorials but also began to develop portraiture in wood. For the rest of his career portraiture became a dominant part of his work and he eventually carved over 600 portraits in the UK and the USA. He was also a sought after lecturer in the UK and on lecture tours to the USA and he wrote two books. This biography contains 300 illustrations and is a wonderful account of his life and career.


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