Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Micro Magic Polishing Compound

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Walter Hall looks at this micro polishing wax from Craft Supplies USA

Dr. Kirk's Micro Magic is a micro crystalline wax and fine abrasive based sanding system designed for use on turned acrylic, polyester and stabilised woods. The manufacturer claims that it eliminates the need for wet sanding and will outperform micro abrasive sheet system and back their claim with a money back guarantee. I tested the product on a stabilised boxelder (Acer negundo) burr blank and an acrylic blank. Initially, I sanded to 600 grit before using the three grades of abrasive wax in order and while this produced a satisfactory finish, it was not of as high a gloss as I could have achieved using Micromesh or a buffing system.

A second attempt, this time sanding to 1,500 grit before using the wax, produced a much better result comparable with that produced with Micromesh, but I was still able to improve upon it with a final buffing on a buffing wheel with fine compound.


In conclusion, while the manufacturer's claims for the product may be a little ambitious, when used in conjunction with other finishing products, it can be a useful addition to the pen maker's workshop.