News and Events - Chinese odyssey with Kevin Stamper

Friday 5 June 2015

Kevin Stamper recently appeared at 'Design Shanghai'. His work is beautifully decorative but uses the latest technology to create distinctive designs that make his work truly 21st-century design. He showcased brand-new work that develops his unique style while still retaining his trademark bright colour palette.

Kevin begins with a watercolour sketch of an inspirational view and the sketch is then digitised before being reduced to a very low resolution to form the decorative element incorporated into the overall furniture design. Each square on the pattern is matched in colour and tone with a hand-cut and stained piece of sycamore veneer and all of the squares are accurately joined together to create a representation of the original sketch. There can be up to 10 different colours each with 10 graduations of tone on a set of doors. He is currently working on a commission for the furniture in a Michelin starred restaurant.


Contact: Kevin Stamper