Kit and Tools Tuesdays - New Premium Turning Tools Available

Tuesday 16 June 2015

The range of M42 HSS woodturning tools from Carter & Son Toolworks has recently been further extended by the addition of skew chisels, parting tools and scrapers. The tools are regarded as being superbly sharp with great edge-holding abilities, coupled with a series of matching aircraft grade aluminium handles, which help to offer superb balance and feel.

The two new skew chisels include one for detail and smaller projects: a 12mm radiused edge skew, either fitted with a 305mm handle to suit the 12mm tang size, or unhandled. The other is for larger, heavy work and this 25mm version will really ‘cut the mustard’, not to mention the timber! In support of the greater blade width, the 25mm skew is substantially thicker. When handled, it is supplied with a 305mm handle and is also available unhandled. Both skews have 240mm long blades and also feature radiused side edges.

The two new scrapers are each 25mm wide and 10mm-thick and made from super-tough M42 HSS.The two versions now available are a square-ended scraper, for use in boxes and similar such square-ended projects, and a bowl scraper, which features the now-familiar left-hand curve profile for accurate and blemish-free finishing of internal bowl surfaces. The blades are 240mm long overall and are available either with a 405mm aluminium handle bored to accept the 20mm tang, or unhandled.

The two new parting tools both feature a unique asymmetric cutting tip geometry designed to prevent catches and ensure clean cuts. Both versions have 240mm blades but the narrower version has a 3mm cutting tip width, making it suitable for projects where minimising timber loss in the cut is paramount, while the second has a 1.5mm wide cutting edge. As with the other tools featured, these new parting tools are available fitted with aircraft-grade aluminium handles, 305mm long, or unhandled. The tang diameter in both cases is 12mm.

These latest additions extend the versatility of the range further and ensure that Carter Tools will find a place on the toolrack of any turner who seeks the optimum in tool performance.


Price: From £79.20

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Tel: 01235 511 101