News and Events - An introduction to resin infusion, carbon fibre composites and mould making

Thursday 14 May 2015

This fully comprehensive and practical course offers an in-depth introduction to the world of carbon fibre and other composites materials. The course is aimed at those with little to no experience working with composites, but will also strongly benefit anyone who has any practical skill or knowledge of traditional 'wet lay-up' techniques. By the end of the course all delegates should be able to produce their own high quality parts using the infusion technique. The course is specifically aimed towards those who wish to incorporate modern composites into their designs, those who wish to reproduce existing parts or components in carbon fibre and those who wish to manufacture and produce their own products or sporting equipment.

Topics covered include; types of reinforcement and fabric; infusion and laminating resins; pre-preg fabrics; health and safety; different infusion methods; necessary equipment - infusion consumables and equipment; pattern making and CNC tooling; mould and pattern coats; gel-coats; costing's and set-up; sanding and finishing techniques; polishing. All delegates will be given the opportunity to make and coat a pattern or mould and will perform their own resin infusion.

This course is run by Kris Lamba, an ex-student of 'robinson house studio'. He has studied and in true 'robinson house studio' style experimented and developed a proficiency using these modern and exciting materials and techniques.


Tutor: Kris Lamba

Price: £400 - including all materials

When: 19-20 September, 2015