News and Events - The Observatory installation

Thursday 5 February 2015

A mobile Artist Studio and Workshop, designed by four architecture graduates at FCBStudios, have been installed in their first location at the Winchester Science Centre on the South Downs. The structures sit on rotating bases that allow the artist and audience to frame the surrounding landscapes at changing viewpoints of their choice. Providing space for artists in residence for up to two months at a time, The Study and The Workshop will move to three further different locations in England's South coast over the next two years.

Inspired by the works of Sol Le Wit and Antonello da Messina's painting of the scholar, St Jerome in His Study, The Observatory comprises two volumetric landmarks which sit lightly within outstandingly beautiful landscapes. The two structures, The Study and The Workshop, sit on rotating bases which allow the artist and audience to frame various views, creating a changing relationship of the architectural proposal to the landscape. The Study is a private, weather tight artist's studio, while The Workshop is a space for the artist to encounter the public and present their work to them, as well as being a place for the public to enjoy. The two work together to encourage the artist and audience to interact, blurring the boundaries between public and private space.

The Observatory is a project commissioned by SPUD, designed by FCBS and realised through the collaboration with skilled craftsmen, engineers and many other supporters. The temporary structures will move to four different locations in England's South coast; South Downs National Park, Lymington Salt Marshes, Black Forest National Park, Dorset Ridgeway.