Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Irwin Tools launches new Impact Performance Series

Tuesday 20 January 2015

With more than 90% of tradesmen using impact drivers on a daily or weekly basis, leading hand tool and power tool accessories brand IRWIN announces the launch of its Impact Performance Series; a new portfolio of impact driver accessories.

The IRWIN Impact range is primarily for screwdriving and it includes the launch of various products - Impact Single and Double Ended Bits, Quick-Change Extensions and the Right Angle Drill. There are also 10 differently configured Pocket and Pro Set Cases. And, unlike many competitors screwdriver bits on the market, IRWIN's Impact accessories are engineered specifically for use in impact tools.

IRWIN Single and Double Ended Bits

Manufactured with heavy duty, high-grade steel and designed with precision tip geometry, Impact Single and Double Ended Bits deliver superior fitment, reduced strip and cam-out and are able to withstand high torque outputs.

With nearly 80% of users fastening with their impact drivers, IRWIN's Double-Ended Power Bits offer improved functionality and the convenience of having two tips in one bit, eliminating the time spent searching for a replacement bit between applications. These bits feature IRWIN's exclusive DoubleLok Technology, which securely locks both ends of the bit into impact drivers and quick-change chucks.

IRWIN Impact Performance Series Magnetic Screw-Hold Attachment

For less slipping and wobbling, IRWIN's single and double-ended power bits are compatible with the new Magnetic Screw-Hold Attachment. Designed exclusively for the IRWIN Impact line and with a rare earth magnet that is four times more powerful than a standard magnet, the low profile collar connects securely to hold fasteners for precise application.

The IRWIN Impact Right Angle Drill

The IRWIN Impact Performance Series also offers a full line of extensions. The Quick Change Extension and a Right Angle Drill/Drive tool are perfect for those difficult to reach places. The Right Angle Drill has a low profile right angle attachment, a steel gear and ball bearing drive for smooth drilling and long life, a molded handle for a secure and comfortable grip, and metal housing for increased durability.

IRWIN Impact Pro Set and Pocket Cases

IRWIN's Impact Pro Set and Pocket Cases are molded ABS Resin, and so are able to hold up to the rigors of daily use. They are convenient, simple to use, compact and portable. The larger Impact Pro-Set includes a full-length metal pin in the hinge for added durability.

Ian Birdsall, Brand Manager EMEA at Irwin, said: "The IMPACT Performance range gives tradesmen a great durable range of screwdriving accessories; the double ended bits and Magnetic Screw-Hold Attachment are innovations that will really help the trade professional."


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