Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Dremel powers up for 2015

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dremel 8200-20

Dremel has improved its 8200 cordless multitool with enhanced runtime and less downtime - faster charging, allowing the user to perform heavier duty applications. The tool now contains a compact and powerful 2.0Ah 10.8V Li-ion battery, a high power 36mm electric motor to ensure ease of cutting, a slide speed switch providing full variable speed control up to 30,000rpm, a motor brake to ensure that the accessory on the tool stops spinning immediately after switching off the tool for extra safety, a 3 LED battery gauge to show accurate battery status, a separate on/off switch with collet lock-out function to ensure no accidental actuation of the collet lock, EZ Twist to change accessories without a wrench and a soft grip making the tool feel comfortable to use.

The Dremel 8200-20 kit contains a Dremel 8200 high performance cordless multitool, two 10.8V Li-ion 2.0Ah batteries, a 30 minute charger, 20 Dremel cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing, accessories including Dremel EZ SpeedClic, all packed into a Dremel soft bag.

Price: £145 (inc VAT)

New Dremel Accessory Sets

Dremel is bringing a new seven piece Dremel DSM20 Compact Saw Accessory Cutting Set, a new seven piece Multipurpose Router Bit Set and three new Multipurpose and EZ SpeedClic accessory sets to the market for 2015:

Dremel DSM20 Compact Saw Accessory Cutting Set

Dremel is offering a £30 saving on its new DSM20 Compact Saw cutting set which comprises seven high quality accessories: a SM500 Multipurpose Carbide Cutting Disc, two SM510 metal and plastic cutting wheels, two SM520 Masonry Cutting Wheels, a SM540 Diamond Abrasive Wheel and a SM600 Multipurpose Carbide Flush Cut Blade. These wheels are designed to cut through soft wood, hard wood, plywood, laminate, plastic, tile, drywall/plasterboard, copper, cast iron, aluminium, soft metals, marble and brick. The wheels allow users to perform a diverse range of cutting applications e.g. straight, flush and plunge cuts.

Price: Individually purchased £75 (RRP inc VAT), offered in kit form for £45 (inc VAT)

Dremel Multipurpose Router Bit Set

This new set contains all seven of Dremel's high quality router bits helping users to perform a broad range of routing applications from edge, corner, straight, keyhole, word and letter routing in veneered woods, fibreboard, chipboard, laminates, plywood, softwood, hardwood, rubber, plastic, plexiglass and carbon.

Price: Individually purchased £75 (RRP inc VAT), offered in smart wooden box for £34.99 (inc VAT)

Three new Dremel Multipurpose and EZ SpeedClic accessory sets

A 100 piece and a 150 piece Multipurpose value-for-money accessory sets are launched by Dremel this year along with an EZ SpeedClic accessory set providing clear at-a-glance visibility of the accessories. These kits are targeted at DIY'ers, hobbyists and crafters aimed at helping them to complete a vast array of detailed tasks, projects and applications. There are also EZ SpeedClic Accessories, that facilitate quick and easy accessory changes, included within the Multipurpose accessory sets. Cutting, grinding, sharpening, cleaning and polishing, sanding, drilling, carving and engraving applications are all provided for within these sets ­ together with required mandrels.


100-piece Dremel Multipurpose Accessory Set: £29.99 (inc VAT)

150-piece Dremel Multipurpose Accessory Set: £34.99 (inc VAT)

EZ SpeedClic Dremel Accessory Set: £39.99 (inc VAT)

Facebook competition

Dremel is wishing its Facebook fans a Happy New Year by offering 10 lucky Facebook users the chance to win a Dremel Micro multitool by posting their DIY new year's resolution on Facebook, plus the hashtag #dremelresolution. Last entries: 31 January 2015.


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