On Sale Today - Woodworking Plans and Projects - Issue 100

Thursday 30 October 2014


Welcome to the 100th issue of Woodworking Plans & Projects! We have lots for you to enjoy to celebrate this special issue. In our 'Projects' section, Amber Bailey makes a peacock marquetry design stool; the Editor upcycles some galvanised shelves; Peter Brett makes a stretcher bench; Simon Rodway shows how you can easily make your own simple workbench; and in an extract from the Big Book of Intarsia Woodworking, Kathy Wise makes a macaw using intarsia techniques and then goes on to colour it.

In 'Techniques', Mark Duginske looks at choosing the right blades for your bandsaw; the Editor gets his teeth into the subject of a very special brand of handsaw; in Joint Solutions, the Editor looks at mortise and tenons, as well as following up his technical drawing article by looking at design; Peter Benson looks at the techniques in making a Netsuke Frog and the Editor fixes up the smallest room in his house.

We also have a great feature, in which Wills Rolls suggests that we should be thinking about next year's wood log supply now and we have three great book reviews for you as well as a special reader offer.

In 'Kit & Tools' The Editor looks at IRWIN Marples' new range of circular saw blades as well as the new router from Bosch and we have the usual tools, gadgets and gizmos in 'Hot Stuff'.

As well as all this, we also have 'Leader' from the Editor; 'Noticeboard' and give you a sneak peek at the next issue.

All this and more in issue 100!

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