News and Events - CAD for Woodworkers Course

Monday 1 September 2014

Have you ever wished you could draw dimensioned plans, quickly and accurately? Have you ever needed to send drawings by email and then realised it meant scanning lots of bits of paper? Have you ever had to redraw something, either starting again from scratch or trying to draw over what you've done already? CAD drawings are 100% accurate, easy to dimension and easy to edit, often in seconds. They can be printed or saved as PDF files and attached easily to emails.

The online course, CAD for Woodworkers, shows you how to draw your own fully dimensioned woodworking plans, using the FREE CAD program, DraftSight. Using the coupon code CAD4WW MAG1, you can join the course for only $29 - roughly £17.50 - a 70% saving. Just go to and click 'Redeem a Coupon', then enter the code as directed. The coupon expires on 1 November, 2014.