Kit and Tools Tuesdays - JML-1015VS lathe

Tuesday 2 September 2014

If you are seriously considering taking up woodturning or perhaps thinking about changing your lathe, look out for the new variable speed lathe from Jet. An extremely smooth running lathe, it has the power and precision to turn any number of projects, ranging from pens, bottle stoppers and cupboard knobs to drawers, platters, boxes and bowls.

Powered by a 375W variable speed DC motor, it drives a strong spindle through three belt pulley ratios, giving a good range of speeds for any project. The electronic variable speed control system has sensitive feedback, which controls the torque applied to the spindle, keeping the spindle running at the speed set even when a heavy load is applied to it.

Price: £539.95 (inc VAT)


There is also a standard version of this lathe - the JML-1015 - which has many similarities. The features that make it different to the JML-1015VS lie mainly with the motor and speed. The JML-1015 has a standard 375W motor driving a spindle through six belt pulleys which will actually give an adequate range of speeds for most projects. Belt speed changing is a simple and easy task, enabling the correct speed to be used.

Price: £449.95 (inc VAT)

Both are supplied with 80mm faceplate, 2MT drive and tailstock centres and knock-out bar. Either model would be a perfect choice for the novice woodturner or the advanced enthusiast or professional looking for a small, fully featured machine for the workshop.


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