Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Saw Blades 101 from Rockler

Tuesday 19 August 2014

From kerf width to tooth grind, woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers face a potentially bewildering array of options when selecting a saw blade. To help them navigate the choices and understand the variables that affect cut quality, Rockler has created an article titled 'Saw Blades 101' for the How-to section of The article, available here, explains the basics of saw-blade anatomy, discusses differences in blade types and provides a list of questions that woodworkers can answer to focus their search for the best blade for their shop and situation.

"We're always surprised to find that some woodworkers use the same blade on their table saw as on their miter saw and don't realise that they could be getting better results," said Scott Ekman, Rockler's vice president of marketing and e-commerce.

'Saw Blades 101', as well as two shorter accompanying articles that focus on choosing blades for table saws and miter saws is part of Rockler's ongoing effort to provide practical tips on tools, supplies and techniques related to woodworking and other DIY subjects.


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