On Sale Today - Woodworking Plans and Projects - Issue 96

Thursday 10 July 2014


In issue issue 96 of Woodworking Plans & Projects Lee Stoffer finishes carving his sycamore cooking spoon; the Editor makes a knife rack in RouterCentric; Jim Robinson creates a box for his chesspieces; Peter Brett's makes a bench that combines a simple Eastern European style with his own modern design interpretation; the Editor creates a pallet armchair in his 'Upcycling' article; Simon Rodway shows you how to make a handy bookcase, which fits onto the back of a door; and Mark Baker makes five different turned bowl designs.

In the 'Techniques' we have the usual 'DIY fixes', in which the Editor shows you how to mend squeaky, wobbly chairs; he gives his tips and tricks on technical drawing and also returns a 1970s workbench to its former glory and discusses the butt joint in 'Joint Solutions'.

Our 'Features' include 'Restoring community spirit' in which Mike Almond and Sarah Partridge describe how the local community helped renovate a traditional Suffolk barn and spawned a whole training programme of practical building skills; and in 'Tools of Yesteryear' Colin Sullivan looks at the carpenter's wooden rule.

In 'Kit & Tools' we test Triton's palm sander; Lee Stoffer looks at Nic Westermann's high-quality carving tools and in 'Craftsman's corner' we look at the EVO System.

As well as all this, there is also 'Hot Stuff', 'Noticeboard' and 'Leader' from the Editor.

All this and more in issue 96! 

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