Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Bosch cordless charging system

Tuesday 29 July 2014

With the launch of its 'Wireless Charging System', Bosch are opening up a new dimension in charging technology and providing new ways to make work with cordless tools efficient, cost and time saving. Bosch will kick off the 'Wireless Charging System' in autumn 2014 by launching the GAL 1830 W Professional battery charger and the GBA 18V 2.0 Ah MW-B Professional 18 volt lithium-ion battery onto the market.

Integrating charging into the workflow is very straightforward. The result is that the tools are always ready to use. It also offers a very robust charging stations that no longer have contact points and are therefore insensitive to water, dust and dirt.

Bosch will begin the new era with the GAL 1830 W Professional charger and the GBA 18 V 2.0 Ah MW-B Professional CoolPack battery. The GAL 1830 W Professional is exceptionally compact and currently the smallest charger available on the market for 18 volt lithium-ion batteries. It can be mounted on workbenches, shelves or other work surfaces and serves as a flexible but secure holder for the charger battery and tool.

Bosch offers tradespeople purchasing the new system components of the 'Wireless Charging System' a 24-month ProService. Spares wear parts are also replaced for free within this time period.

Expect this exciting new charging system to be available at your favourite dealers' from this autumn 2014!


Contact: Bosch