Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Slapon Strap

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Slapon is a new type of tool belt that keeps your tools close at hand. Designed using cutting edge technology, Slapon Strap and Slapon Top allow you to carry everything with you while on the job.

The Slapon Strap is a multi-purpose strap, similar to a lightweight tool belt, which can be attached to most parts of your body allowing you to carry your tools in the most convenient and secure way. It can even be attached to structures around you, becoming a mobile extension of your tool belt or tool bag. You can use your ladder, nearby scaffolding and much more to secure tools so they are easy to reach.

Combining this revolutionary tool management mobility kit system with something all professionals use daily, Slapon has also created the Slapon Top to further enhance their vision of helping everyone from contractors to carpenters to DIY enthusiasts. Made from a high-vis material, the top provides even more space about the person to securely store tools and accessories. There really is no need to carry those cumbersome tool bags, as Slapon allows you to have your favourite tools within easy reach at all times as your chest becomes a work table of available tools.

The Slapon Strap is strong and durable and even more lightweight and convenient than a small tool bag. Added to each Slapon kit, the fastening attachments provide a surface of 30mm diameter and can carry up to 8.24kg at one time.


Price: From £9.95

Contact: Slapon

Tel: 03306 600 682