Kit and Tools Tuesdays - New Contour Random Sander from Arbortech

Tuesday 27 May 2014

This year, Arbortech has an exciting new product planned for launch for the start of the Australian woodworking shows season. Arbortech power carving tools have been woodworker's preferred tools when it comes to freehand shaping and sculpting timber for the last 25 years. In the past, sanding internal profiles and rounded shapes was a challenge encountered with Arbortech tools, but a solution has been developed.

The new Arbortech Contour Random Sander

The Arbortech Contour Random Sander is a patented angle grinder attachment with a powerful random orbital sanding action. It is designed to reach into internal profiles and the patented flexible sanding pad moulds to the shape of the timber without burning or digging in at the edges.

The Contour Random Sander consists primarily as a dynamically balanced shaft that attaches to any standard angle grinder and a flexible rubber sanding pad that is attached to the other end of the shaft via a set of bearings, so it can rotate freely. The pad is offset from the central axis of the shaft so that it is driven in a random orbital manner when the pad is brought into contact with a surface. The 50mm abrasives are coated with a pressure sensitive high temperature adhesive, which is easily attached or peeled off the rubber pad. So much energy is passed to the sanding head from the grinder motor that hook and loop solutions have not been successful in this application.

The shaft allows the sanding head to get into deep hollows while the unique sanding head flexes and reach into areas previously impossible for conventional sanders. The random action is powerfully effective yet does not dig in, leave swirl marks or damage the surface.

The tool's designer, Kevin Inkster has been searching for a solution to the difficult task of sanding and finishing the freeform shapes produced by Arbortech tools, for over 30 years. He says: "We have developed a method that not only does the job well, but surpasses all our expectations. We launched the Contour Random Sander at the Maleny Wood Show and it sold out in the first day! Woodworkers have been waiting a long time for product like this and I believe it will also be welcomed by many other industriesâ€.

The Contour Random Sander can be described as a breakthrough development for sanding deep internal shapes and contours.


Contact: Arbortech