News and Events - California redwood giants

Wednesday 9 April 2014

It appears that northern California's redwood giants, in the Redwood National and State Parks are under threat. This type of wood is becoming increasingly rare and the most plentiful supply is often found on parklands. Newton B. Drury Parkway has recently announced that they will be closed on a nightly basis, due to the recent increase in timber thievery. There have been a number of late-night raids in California's extraordinary redwood forests, in which thieves are targeting and hacking off the tree burls and bunions - valuable growths with beautiful grain. It is believed that this wood is then sold for construction materials, ornamental furniture and even souvenirs.

During the parks night closures, the park patrols will be increased, to ensure the protection of the giant redwoods. Illegal redwood poaching impacts one of the most sensitive resources in Redwood National & State Parks - a designated World Heritage and International Biosphere Reserve - injuring live trees that can live up to 2,000 years old, but also causing related impacts to scenic qualities and threatening endangered species.

(VIA Website)