News and Events - Microclene MC200 Air Filter

Monday 3 March 2014

Acrol UK have recently discontinued the Microclene MC100 air filter, but don't worry, as they have replaced it with the MC200. This new model uses the design of the outer body of the MC100 with a new motor inside that filters 220 cubic metres of air per hour, whereas the MC100 would only filter 100 cubic metres per hour. You can use he same accessories and filters from the MC100 with this model. Small, portable and very economical, this filter can be stood on the bench close to the workpiece or, using the optional accessory MCC100 cradle, it can be wall-mounted, either as a general workshop air cleaner or over a machine. Despite the spec improving, the price has only increased by £5, which is great value for a air filter with double the airflow. Available now.


Price: £150 (inc VAT)

Contact: Acrol UK

Tel: 023 9250 2999