Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Bosch GST 160 CE/BCE Professional Jigsaw

Tuesday 11 March 2014

The GST 160 CE/BCE Professional jigsaws from Bosch offer joiners and carpenters high precision and controlled tool guidance. This is made possible by the combination of low weight, compact design, small grip circumference and 'Precision Control' saw blade guide. The optimised double roller guide minimises saw blade bending, prevents the saw blade from straying, and therefore enables exceptionally precise cuts especially in wood and wood-based materials. This makes the tools suitable above all for adjustment work, for example in interior fitting or kitchen and exhibition stand construction. However, the machines also reliably cut thick materials such as insulation, sandwich panels or wooden beams, especially in combination with the extra-long saw blades in the 'Precision' series from Bosch.

The GST 160 CE/BCE Professional is available in two versions: barrel grip (CE) or bow-handle (BCE). The two models weigh only 2.2 and 2.3kg respectively, work with a powerful 800W motor with Constant Electronic and have a robust base plate made of die-cast magnesium. The Constant Electronic ensures a continuous work rate even when making deep cuts in hard materials, and the base plate glides with particularly low friction over the workpiece thanks to its plastic sole. This prevents damage to delicate surfaces. The LED light, that can be switched on and off, improves visibility of the cutting area. This results in clean cuts in every work situation.

Tool-free adjustable base plate with exact 90° positioning

To perform mitre cuts, the baseplate of the GST 160 CE/BCE Professional can be adjusted up to an angle of 90° without the need for additional tools. An additional cam bar ensures especially strong form-fitted and force-fitted angle positioning: when the clamp lever is operated, the baseplate is pulled into position and then fixed.

Saw blades can be changed with one hand and without the need for additional tools thanks to the improved SDS system: press the clamp lever and the saw blade is automatically ejected, preventing burns from the hot blade. The new blade is then simply inserted and clicks into place.

The features of the GST 160 CE/BCE Professional are completed by a dust blowing function that ensures professional tradespeople always have a good view of the cutting line; electronic speed pre-selection enables the sawing speed to be adjusted to suit the material being worked on; restart protection prevents uncontrolled start-up after a power cut; and a rotatable suction tube gives the user freedom of movement when using a dust extraction system. Bosch's range includes different wet/dry dust extractors as part of the 'Click & Clean System'. All of them are compatible with the two new tools.


Price: GST 160 CE Professional (L-Boxx) - £264; GST 160 BCE Professional (L-Boxx) - £264

Contact: Bosch

Tel: 0844 736 0109