Kit and Tools Tuesdays - Makita MAKPAC Connector Case System

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Makita has introduced a neat and comprehensive range of connector cases for tool owners who have purchased Makita tools that are supplied without a carry case, or who have purchased additional 'body-only' cordless machines to suit their battery and charger inventory.

Moulded from rugged ABS in the traditional Makita brand colour, four depths of MAKPAC cases are available. The matching width and length of 295mm x 395mm is then complimented by the four alternative depths of 105mm, 155mm, 215mm and 315mm. Strong moulded handles fold flush into recesses in the case lids, and handgrip mouldings enable easy removal from the stack when the latches are unfastened. The generic footprint of the Makpac connector cases also makes them compatible with certain other established brands of similar stacking cases.

The latches that fasten the individual case lids slide further up to lock into the base clips of the case placed above. This enables many cases to be stacked on top of each other, and locked together for safe and stable transport, saving space in transit and storage. The MAKPAC hard shell connector cases are precision moulded to provide a dust proof and shower-proof transport and storage system for valuable Makita power tools.

The Makita power tool range features nearly 500 machines for the UK market and now 49 moulded inlays in the MAKPAC connector cases are available to match the most popular 100 individual machines providing stability and perfect tool protection. These inlays not only fit the appropriate tool but can take chargers and additional batteries for cordless tools. The MAKPAC connector case system provides valuable tool security and transport protection investment.


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