Splinter - A Breakaway Exhibition of Bespoke Furniture Makers

Monday 13 January 2014


The inaugural 'Splinter' furniture exhibition will attempt to define a group of designer-makers who have set about re-imagining modernist design for the contemporary home.

This event is organised and curated by Rupert Phelps, a bespoke furniture designer-maker, based in South West London.

"As a frequent participant in UK furniture exhibitions, I have been struck by a tension between the maker's desire to honour the traditions of furniture-making craft and the quest for a style that reflects the contemporary taste for modernism. With this in mind, I am curating a new furniture exhibition at ArtLacuna in Battersea, London," he says.

ArtLacuna is a semi-industrial space, housed within what was a local coroner's office. This is an exciting context for a new furniture exhibition, reflecting our ethos of contemporary design with an eye to the last century.

Splinter will be totally unique in offering a showcase for brand new bespoke furniture that fits within the mid-century modern aesthetic. See below for further details.


When: 11-20 April, 2014 (11am-7pm)

Where: ArtLacuna, 48 Falcon Road, Battersea, London SW11 4LR

Contact: Rupert Phelps

Tel: 07900 823710

Email: info@rupertphelps.co.uk