Monday 27 January 2014


This tool was designed for a number of applications: the shape already clearly indicates its suitability for honing flutes of gouges or carving tools. The rads of the two long sides are 2.7mm respectively and 6mm.

The long, flat surface measuring 145 x 40mm enables you to hone the outside of gouges and a variety of other tools. It fits solidly into your hand and is therefore easy to control and use.

It is recommended that the tool is used with a few drops of lubricating and cleaning liquid. If these are not available, it can be used with water but you are advised to clean the steel particles afterwards and dry thoroughly.

The HoneStar is unbreakable and consists of a steel base coated with a super abrasive CBN grit. This grit, which is widely used in the metalworking industry for the grinding of hard steels, is almost as hard as diamond but better suited for working on steel. The size of the grit is 800, which is a fine grit for honing.

The tool is available in the UK for approximately ₤25 - from the following stockists:


Price: Around £25

Contacts: Peter Child Woodturning Supplies or The ToolPost

Tel: Peter Child Woodturning Supplies 01787 237 291; The ToolPost 01235 511 101

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