From the Forum - Chosen by the Members - Richard Kennedy

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Welcome to our new regular feature:

In order to add a new area of interest to the forums and to encourage interaction between the different forum sections, the forum members are introducing this 'Members' Choice' thread to act as a showcase for a piece of work chosen by a member each week as their 'piece of the week'.

This week, Mervyn Cadman this piece by Richard Kennedy called 'Copse Clearing'. Here's what Mervyn had to say:

"My members' choice is this unusual tree bowl by Richard Kennedy. When I was nominated for the members' choice and was searching through many wonderful items, I wanted to see something that hit me straight away and with Richard's piece I got that 'WOW' factor. I find this piece of imagination very pleasing to the eye and I would love to have this sitting on my mantlepiece. What strikes me most is the complex and intricate detail that has gone into creating such a lovely bit of art. Thank you, Richard!"

Congratulations again to Richard and we will bring you another chosen piece next week. You can find out more about the piece and see further comments by clicking here