Makita Tools used to make traditional surfboards in Cornwall

Thursday 14 November 2013

At any time of the year Gavin Randall will be riding the waves off the beautiful Sennen Cove in Cornwall, testing his latest design of belly board as the surf drives him in towards the beach. Gavin has been improving the speed and performance of belly boards since he founded the Traditional Surfing Company in 2011 to manufacture these traditional boards for the world market.

With designs unchanged for 50 years Gavin and his Makita power tools have substantially improved performance of the boards to the point where he claims that the Rocket, his latest design, "is the best performing board in the world."

Before there was surfing, where you stand upright on the board, there was traditional surfing on belly boards. This is pure surf riding where it's all about the thrill of the slide as the power of the sea carries you along. The shape of these traditional belly boards had remained largely unchanged for 50 years and the method of manufacture a closely guarded secret.

High quality marine ply is the core material but the secret to performance is the shapes embodied in the board. Makita power tools have enabled Gavin to achieve radical shapes and high quality finishes that are vital to increase speed and stability.

Using Makita's Lithium-ion battery powered 18V jigsaw and planer to cut and shape the overall design, Gavin uses the Makita BKP180 1/2in mains router to refine the intricate shapes and contours of the boards.

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