Ashley Iles introduces high quality range of tools by Eli Avisera

Friday 29 November 2013

Ashley Iles Ltd has launched a new range of high quality woodturning tools designed by international woodturner Eli Avisera. Fitted with specially designed ash (Fraxinus excelsior) handles, the tools are UK manufactured from high speed steel - HSS - to the same exacting standards as all of Ashley Iles tools.

Developed and improved over decades of woodturning and teaching, Eli's tools feature his trademark double bevel, swept-back and convex grinds. The design and quality help to give a superb finish to your work and can make them safer to use; most are ideal for both beginners and experienced turners alike.

The new range consists of a 32mm spindle roughing gouge, a 12mm skew chisel, a 6mm mini combination tool and a 6mm finishing tool, to name but a few. See the full list below.

Price list:

32mm spindle roughing gouge - £69.60

10mm beading skew - £33.60

25mm skew chisel - £36

1.5mm diamond parting tool - £38.40

12mm detail spindle gouge - £36

10mm (12mm dia.) bowl gouge - £48

12mm (16mm dia.) bowl gouge - £54

20mm shear cut tool - £36

25mm finishing tool - £36

12mm fingernail spindle gouge - £36

6mm mini beading skew - £30

10mm mini gouge - £24

1.5mm mini parting tool - £24

6mm mini combination tool - £24 (prices inc VAT)


Contact: Ashley Iles

Tel: 01790 763 372