European Veneer Hammer

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Used on top of the veneer, veneer hammers act like a squeegee, spreading molten hide glue around underneath the veneer with the heat from the head keeping the liquid glue flowing. Veneer hammers can also be used in restoration and repair work to melt the existing glue under a lifted section of veneer and re-adhere it. Most veneer hammers are adaptations based on a normal hammer, this one however, has been designed from scratch specifically for the purpose and without wishing to go over the top - it shows.

The polished hammer edge is brass which conducts heat very efficiently, the head and handle are steel, which stores heat very efficiently so the whole tool behaves like a thermal battery. Opposite the veneering edge is a small, slightly crowned, hammer head; suitable for tapping in small veneer pins. The handle itself is covered with an insulating, non-toxic, rubberised covering. At the far end of the handle is a flattened section with rounded bevels; this is used hot, either for adhering and smoothing veneers in tight corners or for gently separating damaged sections from the substrate.


Price: £45.60

Contact: Workshop Heaven

Tel: 01295 678 941