Trend Airshield Pro helps avert disaster in grain silo disaster

Tuesday 3 September 2013

The Trend Airshield Pro air circulating face shield has earned celebrity status in the farming community of Owasa, Iowa. Arick Baker, a farmer from New Providence, Iowa was inside a grain bin in Owasa, clearing a blockage, when the corn beneath him collapsed. Baker was completely buried under the corn for two hours before help arrived.

Arick Baker suffers from asthma and his family recently bought him the Trend Airshield Pro to filter the dust that is so prevelant in and around grain bins. Arick was wearing his Airshield when he was sucked under the grain, and he soon realised that he had a chance to survive. He stayed calm and concentrated on breathing although he was unsure when he would be found. A fellow worker after realising where Arick was, called for help. A team of Iowa Falls firefighters worked frantically to rescue Arick and he was virtually unharmed when the rescue team finally uncovered him.

The Trend Airshield Pro has traditionally been utilised in woodworking applications. However, in recent years, it has been utilised in a wide variety of agricultural and industrial settings. Because the Airshield Pro has a 98% filter efficiency, it traps solid particulates down to 0.6 microns and it offers low energy impact face protection. More and more workers in agricultural and manufacturing settings are utilising the Airshield for lung and face protection.

Arick Baker was always thankful for the Trend Airshield Pro as it helped keep dust from aggravating his asthma. After the accident, he is thankful for so much more!

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