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Friday 6 September 2013

The ToolPost, based in Didcot, South Oxfordshire was initially conceived as a webshop in the early days of the commercial internet, having been established by the present owner, Peter Hemsley, in 1997.

The company operates from well-stocked, spacious, well-lit and heated premises and is well known for its bi-annual Open House events, held at the shop in June and November, where visitors enjoy a free show featuring internationally renowned turners, carvers, etc. as well as complimentary refreshments.

Experienced staff

In order to ensure that all client queries are addressed with an appropriate level of knowledge and expertise, the company has always recruited staff from the ranks of woodturners or otherwise and ensured that training and practise provided the necessary background. Whilst woodturning is the cornerstone of the company's activities, the owner's enthusiasms are reflected in the extensive displays of woodcarving equipment in the shop as well as in the range of fine woodworking tools that is carried.

Top brands

The ToolPost stocks a wide variety of woodworking, turning and carving brands including Wivamac, The Beall Tool Company, Oneway, Hunter Carbide Tools, Lansky Sharpeners, Holzer Diamond and Serious Toolworks, plus many, many more. The ToolPost are also the originators and suppliers of the world's most versatile woodturning chuck, the Versachuck, as well as being the manufacturers of the unique BCT range of easy-to-use hollowing and bowl-making tools.

A unique experience

"Perhaps we should have called the shop 'The Woodturner's Aladdins Cave'," observes MD, Peter Hemsley, "since that is the term most frequently coined by visitors describing their experiences at the store. I guess that with over 1,000 different turning tools in stock, which is more than any other retailer worldwide - as far as we can determine - that description can be considered both complimentary and fitting." He goes on to add: "And I mean different turning tools, not just 'products'!" Peter is justifiably proud of what he and his small team have created at The ToolPost, but they will continue to strive to make the service bigger and better - with the 'better' being an important caveat. Changing technologies and markets impose new challenges upon most businesses: "What distinguishes the ToolPost is that we are excited and motivated by change, but have the experience to evaluate those changes against the real needs of our customers: those folk are the most important elements in our existence and we are duly grateful to them. We shall continue to serve them," Peter finishes.


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Address: Unit 7 Hawksworth, Southmead Industrial Park, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7HR

Tel: 01235 511 101