New Rolling Utility Ladder System

Friday 20 September 2013

Rockler has introduced the Rolling Utility Ladder Hardware System, a collection of components to build a utility ladder which rolls along a ladder track with rolling bracket assemblies. The completed Utility Ladder setup allows access to elevated storage areas anywhere along the track. The ladder is moved back and forth by simply lifting the lower part of the ladder slightly and rolling it along the track. The bracket assemblies feature a quick release mechanism that makes it easy to move the ladder from track to track for use in multiple areas if desired. The ladder also slides to a completely vertical position for convenient, out-of-the-way storage, while remaining attached to the track.

Required to build the Utility Ladder is a Utility Ladder Hardware Kit, 150mm Utility Ladder Track, Ladder Track Brackets and either an Oak Utility Ladder Wood Kit or sufficient hardwood from the builder's own supply. The Oak Utility Ladder Wood Kits contain all of the wood pieces necessary to build a utility ladder and are available for three ladder sizes: 200, 230 and 255mm. The Utility Ladder Hardware Kit contains two roller bracket assemblies, two foot assemblies, seven stamped steel steps with grip tape, fourteen step rods, fourteen step tubes, all necessary mounting hardware, and a plan with detailed instructions for how to build the ladder. Rockler provides a free online wizard (visit to create a bill of materials based on input of ladder style, height, and track length.


Prices: Utility Ladder Hardware Kit - (45805) retails for $329.99 (£205.84); 150mm Ladder Track - $54.99 (£34.30); Ladder Track Bracket - $9.99 (£6.23) each; Ladder Track Union - $7.99 (£4.98; Ladder Track End Cap - $12.99 (£8.10) each; Ladder Step - for ladders taller than 255mm - $27.99 (£17.46) each; Oak Ladder Wood Kits in 200, 230 & 255mm sizes - from £119.99 (£74.85) (Please note that all products from USA to UK are subject to shipping& taxes)

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