Deepwoods Ventures carving knives

Monday 23 September 2013

Photograph courtesy of Deepwoods Ventures

Photograph courtesy of Deepwoods Ventures

This fantastic company, based in Minnesota, offers a range of carving knives either with figured or plain handles, or you can buy the hand-forged blade blank to which you can add your own handle. Pictured is the general carving knife, both as a blank and with a handle. This is a great all-round carving tool for roughing out and general carving; an alternative to the drop-point carving knife. It has a nice curved blade for easy carving and can be used for slicing and concave cuts. The curved blade allows you to carve without your blade biting into the wood when making a tight curved cut. This carving tool will take off the wood in a hurry. Deepwoods produce several other carving knives, all of which are available both with or without handles, including spoon carvers, upswept detail knives and detail carvers. Their website is well worth a look.

Contact: Deepwoods Ventures