Book Review - The Fine Art of Marquetry

Monday 16 September 2013

Craig Vandall Stevens began his woodworking career studying furniture making at James Krenov's College of the Redwoods in Northern California. He has gone on to have his work exhibited across North America and Japan. Here Stevens has delivered an extremely detailed how-to guide for creating beautiful images in double-bevel marquetry. He describes all necessary techniques, materials and associated equipment in detail, beginning with tuning up a bandsaw to enable initial resawing of veneers. A review of the necessary hand tools follows, including good advice on that marquetry stalwart the scrollsaw. Stevens takes us through the techniques such as sand shading, and finally completion of a beautiful inlaid lotus flower box.

Stevens' two full inlay projects take the reader through every step describing each project thoroughly. When the reader has finished both of these projects, they should be confident enough to try some fairly intricate marquetry of their own: perhaps not to the standard of Silas Kopf, but certainly the technique will appear much less daunting to those who diligently follow Stevens' advice.

This book is not cheap but the production values are high. It is illustrated with a huge number of well-framed, relevant photographs and clear, concise description in the right places. Finally, there is a small but well chosen selection of patterns that round out the book that will prove useful to those who do more than to simply read this title, but who decide to delve into this fascinating branch of the craft.

Paul Mayon


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