Add a Zero to the Price to Find a Better Machine

Wednesday 25 September 2013

The Logosol MF30 is the most complete milling machine on the market. But if you regard it as just a vertical milling machine, you will see that it has the same functions as industrial machines that cost several times more.

The vertical mill is one of the basic machines in every woodworking shop. If you are thinking of leaving the jointer plane and sheath knife, this is one of the first investments you should make. But if you think that you just need a vertical milling machine, Logosol's versatile MF30 may seem to be too advanced.

The experienced cabinetmaker Bert Olsson, now the teacher of Logosol's joinery courses, knows the advantages of the MF30. When looking at its vertical milling function, he can tell us why the MF30 is superior to all other machines in the same price range.

Six outstanding points

"The stability of the machine is crucial when it comes to its operation. The MF30 has a machine table and carriage made of cast iron whereas other machines have them made of plate," says Bert Olsson. Another feature is that the spindle of the MF30 is tiltable in 45°, both backwards and forwards. Usually spindles can only be tilted forwards. In addition, you can replace the cutter with a high-speed spindle. "I don't know about any other vertical mill in this price range that has a high-speed spindle with adjustable speed. This is a necessity if you are using tools of different sizes," Bert states.

Bert also adds that you can choose the direction of the cutter rotation, that you have tiltable fences, and that the carriage has a stroke of one metre. These are features you otherwise only find in industrial equipment. "Add a zero to the price if you want to have something similar," Bert concludes.

Logosol is a Swedish based international company developing and selling unique machines and services within wood processing and woodworking. With innovative and affordable solutions, we have visibly changed forestry and woodworking for more than 20 years. Our products are known for simplicity of design, reliability, and efficiency.

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The experienced cabinetmaker Bert Olsson has worked with the MF30 for many years. Today, he is the teacher of Logosol's joinery courses (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF LOGOSOL)