The Sharpening Station TS-740

Friday 23 August 2013

"Most benches are too tall to give you the correct control of your sharpening. When your shoulders are relaxed and your arms extended about waist high you're in a more comfortable position. You can apply the right amount of pressure and get the best results," according to Hakan Persson, CEO of Tormek, Sweden. Based on this all-important observation, Tormek designed the Sharpening Station TS-740 where you will always have the perfect working position, adjustable to your height. Also, with the drawers designed to fit the Tormek accessory kits, your favourite jigs and accessories are always to hand and everything has its place. In short, you get a real sharpening station! Comfort equals control when you're using power tools.

The Tormek TS-740 Sharpening Station is the first purpose-built workstation for sharpeners. Some of its important features include:

Sturdy Steel Cabinet - Sleek design with rounded corners, durable and attractive.

Tough Work Surface - Hard moisture proof composite work surface.

Adjustable height - Set the optimal height with the fine adjustment in the feet for a work surface between 750 mm to 830mm in height.

Perfect Dimensions - Width: 578mm, Depth: 390mm. It is perfectly sized for the Tormek sharpening system without being too large or intrusive in a workshop.

Durable Finish - Steel cabinet has a scratch-resistant powder coating.

Convenient Storage - Six drawers in total; three include the custom inserts designed to hold the Tormek jigs and accessories and three further drawers include non-slip rubber pads

Quality Construction - Auto-return drawer mechanisms for soft closure.

Lockable Cabinet - Single, centralised lock secures all drawers.

Hanging Storage - Cabinet sides are designed to accept hooks for hanging additional stones, etc.

Most workshops are pressed for space. The Tormek Sharpening Station has a small footprint so it's not in the way. And having all your jigs and accessories right there at your fingertips, in the drawers below the machine helps keep everything organised.


Price: £489.95

Contact: BriMarc Tools & Machinery

Tel: 03332 406 967