From the Forum - Chosen by the Members - Alan Peters table by Scoobystu

Monday 12 August 2013

Members' Choice: Alan Peters table by Scoobystu

This week, Andy, known on the forum as Andersonsec, chose Scoobystu's excellent Alan Peters table.

Andy had this to say about the piece: "Although the design is taken from a book, it still had to be made and it has been made with the utmost proficiency and attention to detail. There are numerous skills on show with this table and they have all been carried out with meticulous care, Scooby's ability is on show for all to see with this piece and no doubt it will get a lot of admiration over the years. A piece to be proud of."

"I made this with the greatest respect to the late Alan Peters. It is the first and possibly the last time I will make a piece to someone else's design." Said Scoobystu. "Having read the Alan Peters professional furniture making book a few times but never seeing any of his pieces in the flesh, I thought I would have a go at making something that we could use for the house. Having recently expanded our family with a baby it was high time we had a dining table rather than having our dinner on our knees. It was an exercise in accuracy more than anything else as the design is pretty much laid out at the back of the book. I added a few wee personal touches but on the whole it is as shown in the book."

The table got some great responses on the forum when it was posted; "Superb looking table and a great heirloom. Good skill and an eye for detail." Said Ivan, and F&C Editor Derek Jones was also very impressed; "A great piece and it looks like you've got those rule joints spot on. I've always fancied having a go at the chairs in the back of the book. If you're going to follow any maker it might as well be one of the best. Well done." He said.

"I carved an inscription into the underside for our firstborn as I am hoping that the table will be around when she needs to furnish her first home and am hoping that she will want to take this. Parents of older children may now scoff loudly" Scooby said.

You can find out more about the piece by clicking here and you can also see further comments.

Congratulations to Scoobystu and we will bring you another forum member's chosen piece at the end of the week.