Alchemy Finishes

Wednesday 24 July 2013

N.E.J. Stevenson has been designing and making some of the UK's finest bespoke furniture for over a quarter of a century; from single commissions to entire rooms, from modern contemporary designs to period pieces. But despite this success, they have now launched another service to extend further their already successful service provision.

On July 11, 2013, the date which coincided with the first day of the Coronation Festival, the company launched 'Alchemy Finishes' and its associated website. All the paint finishes portrayed on the continually expanding website have been designed, considered, tested, and created over many years from a knowledge base born of decades of experience by their in-house 'alchemist'.

This new brand of specialist paint finishes is a natural product extension that complements N.E.J Stevenson's exceptional furniture and the furniture and interior products of others too.

Alchemy was initially launched with 139 special finishes on the website, but many more are to follow over the course of the year. However, they are keen to convey that these, just like the furniture the company design and make is not intended to be a prescriptive service. Alchemy Finishes are entirely bespoke as no two paints can ever be the same, all that is required is an imagination. So if you'd like, more red, less yellow a heavier texture or a material sample matching, then just ask their 'alchemist' who will advise on what's possible.

Alchemy is also on Twitter.


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