Thursday 20 June 2013

Since it's introduction in 2011, smartHinge has become many boxmakers' hinge of choice. Beautifully made and finished in solid brass, the smartHinge stops the lid securely at 93°, but it's not a quadrant hinge - so no fussy excavation under the hinge flaps. And the smartHinge is not 'L' shaped and has a traditional round knuckle - so it's incredibly easy to install: one pass for each leaf using an 8mm cutter in a table-mounted router, screw in place - job done!

Feedback from users regularly includes phrases like 'ingenious simplicity', 'quality is exceptional', 'extremely elegant', 'wow!', 'deliciously simple', 'installed like a dream', 'just fantastic', 'beautifully made and designed', 'so easy to fit' and so on.

smartHinge is now being made in UK and the polished brass version is available again from, a brand new site offering a range of carefully selected specialist tools, hardware and materials for the smart boxmaker. smartHinge will also soon be available in stainless steel and gold-plated versions and smartLock, a lock matching smartHinge in quality, look and ease of fitting, will be also be available soon in the same finishes.


Price: £32.50 a pair

Contact: Andrew Crawford

Tel: 01694 78 1318