Makita helps to replace historic timber frame Essex barn

Thursday 13 June 2013

Makita UK, Britain's number 1 professional power tool manufacturer, is helping to restore a Grade II listed, 17th Century barn on a dairy farm near Colchester in rural Essex. This is the location of the 2013 Timber Frame Repair course run by the Historic Buildings & Conservation Team at Essex County Council. Essex has a high number of timber framed buildings and the course aims to ensure that craftsmen and women working on these buildings have the necessary knowledge and skill to make essential repairs, some of which are on a grand scale.

The Makita DP4003 rotary drill used by coursework instructor Rick Lewis, who also owns the specialist Traditional Oak Carpentry company from his base in Suffolk, is the drill of choice to demonstrate to the paying students. Many of them are skilled builders, carpenters, plasterers and owners of historic properties who wish to learn the importance of traditional building techniques and methods in order to protect the country's historic buildings. Techniques include traditional timber frame joints including scarf and splice and mortise and tenon joints which are amongst the strongest joints in woodworking.

Makita tools are well suited to the UK framing community. The Makita DP4003 and DS4010 rotary drills provide the slow speed, high torque required to work with strong, dry and dense timber. Click here to find out more about the project.

Repairs on this project include removal and replacement of sole plates, repairs to studs and cutting out of brick plinths, retaining as much historic fabric as possible. "Work here is on-going," says Katie Seabright, Historic Buildings Education Consultant, Essex County Council, “and our courses have been taking place here for over two years. We have already repaired the 18th Century threshing barn which has had a varied life from housing cattle to storing corn - it's a great location for students to practice their new skills."

The recently launched Makita TM3000C Multi-tool is also proving its worth allowing easy access in very confined spaces with its varied blade and accessory options. It enables cuts to be made to the brick plinths where a full-stroke jigsaw or reciprocating saw could not operate. The slim handgrip-sized body makes for easy access and provides comfortable and safe machine control.


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