Barky Turntable

Monday 10 June 2013

Barky is a high-performance turntable that features a Rega RB301 arm and Rega Bias cartridge, heavyweight glass platter, and a premium power supply. Barky sits on adjustable, solid brass chromed spikes, and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax.

Barky has been seen in Metropolitan Home, Zink, California Home and Design, Velvet (Italy), and in dozens of online design magazines and blogs.

This high performance turntable is built on a solid ash round with a heavyweight glass platter and adjustable solid brass chromed spikes. Each Barky is built on a somewhat unique solid ash round, so no two are completely alike.


Price: $1,300 (£836.64) (Please note that all products from USA to UK are subject to shipping & taxes)