Rockler CNC Table

Thursday 23 May 2013

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced the CNC Table, sized to fit any CNC Shark machine and its controller as well as most other small shop, consumer CNC systems. CNC users can now have a dedicated, self-contained workstation at just the right height for operation and adjustment, with the controller box stored in a bracket attached to the underside of the table. The setup is a convenient alternative to storing the equipment on the floor or sacrificing valuable benchtop space. Since the CNC Table is sized precisely to fit a CNC machine, it is also a permanent storage solution when the CNC is not in use.

The CNC Table is made of white melamine coated MDF and is 1,105mm long, 710mm wide, and 30mm thick with 3mm black edge banding all the way around. The included controller bracket attaches to the underside of the table and features 280mm inside width and 140mm inside height, with the depth adjustable to fit each specific controller box. Each CNC Table includes a 915mm long x 610mm wide x 815mm high steel stand to elevate and position the CNC machine for easy access, operation, and adjustment. The stand components are pre-drilled and include all mounting hardware for installation.


Price: $249.99 (£165.99) (Please note that all products from USA to UK are subject to shipping& taxes)

Contact: Rockler Woodworking & Hardware