Future Perfect Furniture Collection

Friday 10 May 2013


'Future Perfect' is a collection of furniture designed and made by Studio Silverlining in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, with no client to answer to and no commercial constraints to consider.

Through a collaboration process between designers and makers, the furniture redefines perceptions of what contemporary furniture is, whether through materials, a form or production method.


'Future Perfect' expresses the studio's manifesto for 21st Century craftsmanship; exquisite design that has longevity and soul yet highly relevant to how we live and work today.

"What began as a creative design and craftsmanship study of pushing boundaries then developed into concepts that experiment with colour, form, materials, light and emotional responses to furniture and objects," says Founder Mark Boddington.

For example, the 'Parabolic Cabinet' is a particularly tactile piece that plays with human curiosity and draws people in first with its inviting and intriguing curved shape and then revealing its unusual graduating texture from rough to smooth that can only be explored by touch.


Using a combination of advanced composite construction and traditional cabinetmaking Studio Silverlining has achieved a wall thickness of 12mm, the minimum required to create the object, maintaining structural integrity and durability.

Mark Boddington, explains further: “We are dedicated to redefining what 21st century craftsmanship is, and to using the best materials and technology available in a way that pushes the boundaries of furniture making. As well as technological advancement, we are considering the impact of social change for example creating luxury finishes that aren't extravagant by turning ordinary softwoods into incredible materials through changes in texture and finish."


About Studio Silverlining

Studio Silverlining is a furniture studio based in UK and is part of Silverlining, the well known bespoke furniture maker. Studio Silverlining does not have a narrowly defined style, but rather its ethos lies in exploring the relationship between traditional craftsmanship, cutting edge technology, contemporary design and demonstrating what is possible in the 21st century.


Contact: Studio Silverlining

Tel: 01948 822 150

Email: studio@silverliningfurniture.com


Images, from top to bottom:

1. 'Infinity table' - shaping the composite model board and carbon fibre ribbon legs

2. 'Infinity table' - red to blue infinity table in the studio

3. 'Future Perfect' - red to blue infinity table detailed render

4. 'Future Perfect' - red to blue infinity table detailed render

5. 'Parabolic' - close up of the naming and dating and door damascus steel catch

6. 'Parabolic' – close up showing structure and rigidity of curved shelves

7. 'Parabolic' - samples of textured an oxidised cedar of Lebanon (PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF STUDIO SILVERLINING)