Book Review - Working with Tablesaws

Thursday 9 May 2013

The tablesaw has a justifiably iconic and yet fearsome reputation in the woodworking world as both the centrepiece of most workshops and yet a potential 'finger biter' and serial vandal capable of throwing large pieces of stock across the workshop at high velocity if not used with respect. Therefore a really sound understanding of this most useful of machines is essential for efficient and safe use. This book usefully covers such topics as sawing joint-quality edges, cutting finger joints, tablesawn dovetails, shopmade tenon jigs, building extension tables, a 'one-stop' cutting station and dustproofing a tablesaw.

If there is a criticism to be made however it is that there is not really enough on how to set up and 'tune-up' a tablesaw in the first instance. For that I would recommend Kelly Mehler's Mastering Your Tablesaw. However, if you are a table saw owner, then for the topics covered this is a useful series of articles that can teach many readers some valuable lessons to get more out of this workhorse machine.

Paul Mayon


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