New accessories range launched for corded Dremel Multi-Max MM40 and MM20

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Dremel has introduced a range of new accessories for its recently launched corded Multi-Max MM40 and MM20 to increase the tools' use and versatility:

A 10mm flush cut blade MM411 – for precise cuts when installing flooring or wall trim. Can be used on wood, plastic, drywall and other soft materials.

A metal flush cut blade MM422 – for precise cuts and plunge cuts on non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic, drywall and other soft materials.

A multi-knife MM430 – offering a powered push and pull cutting solution to cut easily through carpet, cardboard, outdoor turf, asphalt shingles and vinyl tile.

A jab saw blade MM435 – for straight, curved and plunge drywall cuts

A wood and drywall saw blade MM450 – for precise cuts in wood, plaster and drywall material

A wood flush cut blade MM470 – long blade design for fast cutting speed through all kinds of woods. High carbon steel blade for precision cutting.

A grout removal blade MM501 – for removal of grout between wall and/or floor tiles

Spiral cutting blades MM721- for making intricate and very detailed cuts and trims for use with the MM720 Multi-Flex attachment only.

Flat cutting blades MM722 – for general straight cutting through a variety of materials for use only with the MM720 Multi-Flex attachment.

A universal adapter MM300 – allowing all Multi-Max accessories to fit all current oscillating tools on the market (not compatible with the MM40).

A rigid scraper blade MM600 – for large area removal of harder materials, such as, vinyl flooring, carpeting and tile adhesives.

60 grit diamond paper MM900 – diamond paper accessory for grinding cement, plaster or thin-set mortar and for rough grinding shaping and smoothing of masonry, stone, cement and mortar. Requires MM11 or MM14 hook-and-loop pad accessory.

Dremel has also introduced a new attachment:

The Multi-Flex MM720 – the first oscillating attachment on the market designed for detailed cutting. This innovative design with the special cutting blades ensures the widest cutting capability of any oscillating tool. Its variety of blades allows for use with wood, metal and plastic. Not compatible with the MM40.

The Dremel Corded Multi-Max MM20 and MM40 take on tasks that require increased power and versatility. Both tools are perfect for home improvements, the installation of cabinets, cutting drywall, sanding down paint, grout removal and making circular cuts in concrete or drywall, flush cutting in laminate, as well as, a whole range of tough projects around the home. And the superb range of diverse Multi-Max accessories ensure that the job gets done in comfort and with ease.

The new range of accessories and attachment are individually priced and available at DIY shops and online at Dremel Direct and Beesleys Tools.