Gramercy Tools Bow Saw

Friday 19 April 2013

A small frame saw with a narrow blade for curves, piercing, and other intricate work, this bow saw differs from the stocky European frame saws which are used for cutting just about everything. In the US and in the UK, where bulkier cutting is historically accomplished with big handsaws, 'bow saws' or 'turning saws' evolved with thinner, lighter frames, and very narrow blades for cutting tight curves. This saw looks conspicuously like a 200 year old saw, confirming our long-held suspicions that 18th century craftsmen really knew what they were doing.

Besides the frame, the important thing for a turning saw is having a very narrow blade. With these blades you can easily cut a really tight radius and they work like coping saw blades, with a cross-pin to hook them in place, so that you can change a blade easily. If you’re doing any pierced work, this is really the way to go.

Made from American hickory, this saw is strong and flexible and makes a lightweight saw that you will find nimble and responsive in use. The bow saw comes with instructions and an assortment of three 305mm long blades: 10, 16, and 24tpi. The maximum depth of cut of the saw is 150mm.


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