Elmers Tinted woodfillers

Friday 5 April 2013



Elmer's products are a household name in the USA but still quite new to us in the UK. They make glues, adhesives and woodfillers. We have already tried out quite a few of their glue products and have been very impressed with them in terms of quality and usability. The Tinted range of fillers are formulated using various powered materials in an acrylic water-based medium. If you visit the Elmer's website and read the data sheet you will get a better idea about the nature of the ingredients but I suggest you don't pay so much heed to the safety warnings. This is now a statutory requirement for all manufactured products, in many cases the health risk will be absolutely negligible such as with these fillers which are easy and safe to use.

The full range is supposed to be six colours but currently only four are available in the UK. They are Natural, White, Walnut and Golden Oak in 96ml squeezable tubes.


I have used many kinds of filler over the years and they normally exist as either simple one part or the two part type of activated material. One part filler can be the very fine Brummer Stopping type or ground up wood fibres in a solvent and cellulose medium or the more recent acrylic type of medium mixed with solid, powered materials. Elmer's falls into this third category and thus makes it an easy filler to squeeze out of the tube and fill holes and cracks while reducing the amount of shrinkage in larger holes. It can be cleaned off level with a sharp chisel or sanded without difficulty. The colour matches are good too, I have found a number of jobs that I could make with quite discreet repairs. All in all, a very useful set of fillers to keep handy, certainly a mahogany colour at least would be a good addition.


Price: £4.06 (RRP Inc VAT) for 96ml tube

Where to buy: www.elmersglue.eu