CD UK joins the Furniture Makers

Thursday 4 April 2013

The Furniture Makers, the British furnishing industry's central organisation, charity and patron, which fosters and supports the craft and the industry, the education of students, and the industry's needy, has welcomed CD UK as a corporate member.

Corporate membership enables senior executives to participate in many of the Furniture Makers' activities. This includes involvement in the Furniture Makers' prestigious Guild Marks, a scheme recognising and honouring those within the furnishing industry in the fields of design, bespoke making and volume manufacturing. Membership also provides the opportunity for furnishing designers, manufacturers and retailers to 'give back' to the industry and take part in the Company's charitable activities, helping those in need who are working or have worked in the furnishing industry, as well as offering many training opportunities for young people entering the industry.

Companies which are already corporate members of the Furniture Makers include Dreams, Herman Miller International, Furniture Village, Bisley Office Furniture, DFS, Blum, Willis and Gambier, Harrods, B&Q, John Lewis, Chaucer Logistics, Homebase and Fully Furnished.

Gary Baker, Managing Director of CD UK, commented "CD UK is delighted to become a corporate member of the Furniture Makers. Many of our customers are cabinet makers and bespoke furniture or kitchen manufacturers and we wanted the opportunity to tighten our affiliation with them through the work that the Company does. We are also really excited about the chance to get involved with developing links with the student community and welcoming them to the world of solid surface in the future, having participated in their development and training."

For further information on the Furniture Makers click here and for further information on CD UK click here.

Image: Admissions Ceremony at the Furniture Makers (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF THE FURNITURE MAKERS)