App of the Month - iHandy Carpenter

Tuesday 9 April 2013

I'm not suggesting for a second that you ditch your laser level and plumb-bob just yet, but even the most organised professional can find himself in need of some accurate information with no means of obtaining it. The chances are he will have his phone in his pocket, so all is not lost. iHandy produce a number of measuring and levelling apps, some sold separately and some as a package, like the iHandy Carpenter. The toolbox contains a single axis level, 360° surface level, a plumb-bob, protractor and ruler.

The graphic has a classical look about it with a touch of the Jules Verne style. It relies on the phone casing as the reference for generating data, so for best results, you will have to remove your iPhone from its protective sleeve first.

The surface level probably has the greatest potential, especially for installers of cabinets. Lay the phone on its back in the bottom of the carcass and start adjusting the feet. The sensitivity of the bubble can be adjusted for all the levels to achieve a tool that actually works very well.

There is a short but useful instruction guide to help you calibrate the app before you can use it in earnest. You will require the aid of a level first though, which in some ways questions the need for the app altogether, but then try getting a four-foot level in your top pocket.


By: iHandysoft

Price: £1.49